Do’s and Don’ts Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is an essential asset either in the home or commercial space. It gives an elegant look to your living area as well. Investment in the good carpet is necessary also maintaining it regularly increases its life and majorly reduces the damage which may be caused. You should always make sure of the regular maintenance of carpet cleaning at least once every month. But make sure to follow certain do’s and don’ts which have to be followed for carpet cleaning service. Here we have listed some below.

Do’s of Carpet Cleaning

  1. Do read the user manual – Various types of carpets need various types of cleaning methods. Do not forget to read the user manual provided for your carpet. Take all the instructions seriously and follow the same for better cleaning and maintenance of the carpet. 
  2. Vacuum regularly – Any carpet for that matter will accumulate dust and debris. A regular vacuum will reduce the accumulation of dust and help to keep your carpet clean. Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner that has high suction pressure. 
  3. Rotate furniture regularly – Due to the weight of the furniture, there’s a chance of sagging in your carpet. Regularly change the position of your furniture to avoid this. 
  4. Layout door mats – Doormats will help you decrease the dust coming into your carpet. Use doormats and when you enter the hall make sure to first step on the doormat and then the carpet. 

Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning 

  1. Don’t let the stains sit – There is nothing more embarrassing than a stained carpet at the entrance. Keep your carpets away from the stains. Do not let it sit for long which makes them very hard to remove in later days. 
  2. Don’t wear shoes when over the carpet- Wearing shoes make the carpet dirty again. As much as possible try to avoid wearing shoes while stepping on your carpet. This is not always possible but try whenever you can. 
  3. Don’t use the wrong type of carpet cleaner – Reading the instruction manual is very necessary to understand what is good for your carpet. Use carpet cleaners that are good for your carpets. Heavy chemicals are not preferred as they may harm the material of the carpet. 
  4. Avoid using excess water – Using water to clean the carpet is necessary. But sometimes it may cause damage too if not dried properly. This not only can cause the carpet to shrink due to extremely damp conditions. Therefore, always avoid wetting rugs and use reasonable water to prevent mildews and moulds from risking them.

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Following the user manual instruction and following some of the tips mentioned are good to keep your carpet in good condition. But hiring a professional will be good for both you and the carpet. They will help you from end to end and help you save your money, time and energy. Carpet Cleaning Windsor provides the best carpet cleaning services even on weekends and that too at zero additional charges. Also, we have well trained cleaners and the required tools and equipment to carry out complete analysis and cleaning of your carpet and make them look new.